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To Live, To Love, To Learn & To Leave a Legacy

I’ve had a rich life.

As a heart surgeon, I’ve performed life-saving operations on desperately sick children.

As an author, I’ve written and sold books, articles and reports – using a part of the profits to sponsor surgeries for kids from underprivileged families.

As a fundraiser, I’ve successfully solicited money from generous donors which has helped my non-profit Foundation cover the cost of over 100 heart operations.

I’ve also traveled the world, read extensively, worked in diverse circumstances, met thousands of people, enjoyed a degree of visibility and publicity, been blessed with the friendship and acquaintance of celebrities, mentored and coached dozens of entrepreneurs… all of which has given me rich experiences.

Sharing these precious life lessons with people I care for has been my passion for long. Money.Power.Wisdom, was created for this reason.

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