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Oh Twitter!

It’s the almost universal response when people first hear about Twitter, the micro-blogging social network that’s the taking the Net by storm.

Even as the service nears signing up its 1 millionth user, many web surfers aren’t sure what exactly is the nature of the beast called Twitter.
Twitter is a CONNECTOR

Where else can you engage in mini-conversations with famous, busy and influential people? Catch their eye for a fleeting moment? Share a short snippet or whisper a juicy tidbit into their ear?

When I first dabbled in Twitter, I considered many possibilities. Using it to deliver content was one of them. Chris Webb had a similar idea.

Recently, I fleshed the idea out into a ‘TwitZine’ – Seems like this could evolve into an interesting e-publishing channel.
Twitter is a COFFEE ROOM

In a short blog post that’s since been widely read and distributed, I likened Twitter to a coffee room in the operating suite of a surgical unit. A place where you hang out and chew the fat with a motley crowd after the day’s work is done – or take quick refreshing breaks in between a long slog.
Twitter is a COMMUNITY

A nurturing, enriching and supportive group of caring people. Susan Reynolds discovered this when her FROZEN PEA FUND initiative for breast cancer awareness building took the Twitterverse by storm – with everyone sporting PEAvatars in support of her fight.

See “I Fight Cancer With Twitter” for more insight.
Twitter is a CO-ORDINATOR

Users plan tweet-ups, impromptu get-togethers in various places, meetings during live events and conferences, or even get opinion, feedback, insight, advice and directions using Twitter. Some collaborate on projects, provide status updates and log problems needing attention. All help get the task done efficiently.

There’s a whole lot more to Twitter. Much of it hasn’t even been explored yet. There’s potential and possibility. And there’s folks who’ll still say…

Oh, Twitter

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