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How You Can Make $100 a Day – And WHY You Should

If you search on Google for “Make $100 a Day“, you’ll find thousands of results. And that’s because many people want to make $100 a day.

It’s also why a new ebook just launched through the collective efforts of a team of writers from “The Internet Marketing Inner Circle” is taking the I.M. marketplace by storm. The ebook is called “20 Ways To Make $100 a Day Part-Time On The Internet”.

The ebook reveals twenty different step by step plans or blueprints detailing how an average Joe or Jane can create a steady, sustainable cash stream working online, part-time. And every chapter is written by a person who actually uses such plans in their online business every day.

One of the plans is to create an information product and sell it online. It’s a method I’ve used often very successfully, and here’s a brief outline of my process.

#1 – Look for a demand. My favorite method is to watch discussions on forums, esp. the most frequently asked questions (ones that keep getting repeated, and to which the answers are incomplete or complicated)

#2 – Assess credentials and expertise. In essence, this boils down to answering this question – “Am I an expert on this topic? Can I answer the question or solve the problem based on what I know or have experienced? If not, can I find someone who can, and get them to help me with it?” If the answer to this question is “No”, I will abandon the project!

Obviously, there’s a lot more to niche research – and that’s one of the first detailed blueprints in the “20 Ways To Make $100 a Day Online” collection.

#3 – Test the market. I have a responsive list, so I often ask them if they might find this topic interesting to learn about. You could also ask on forums, sample a group via email or PM, or run a survey buying traffic on PPC search engines.

#4 – Research. Do searches on Google. Research various online sources. Borrow a book from the library. Rarely, buy a competing info-product to see what ‘angle’ the author takes, or to learn any new ‘tricks’ I’ve missed hearing about. As I focus on things I’m an expert at, and am constantly keeping up to date with my niches, this is anyway something I’d be doing.

#5 – I will register a domain name, outsource any graphic work, and begin crafting the sales letter. By now I have a fair idea of what the ‘pain points’ are of the target audience and what my proposed solution has to offer. Often, the copy flows easily. Rarely, not – and then, I look into why, and very likely it is because the research is incomplete. So I go back and do it again.

#6 – Start to create the product. Draft an outline. For complex or long products, chart out a timeline by which each element should be completed. Begin writing (or recording) to meet the schedule. By doing this step AFTER writing the sales letter, I make sure the product actually covers all issues promised in the sales message.

Now, infoproduct creation is not very complex or difficult, but it has an art and process to it. And in one of the blueprints in “20 Ways To Make $100 a Day Online” the exact steps are described in a way even a beginner can take and put to use.

#7 – Get reviews and testimonials. Online discussion forums are the best place for getting quick, reliable, valuable feedback on IM related (and often even other) reports or ebooks.

#8 – The next steps are: Formatting, proof reading, setting up order pages and download links, sprucing up the sales letter and testing it for conversion. Then, usually, a mailing to my list followed by announcements to affiliates and JV partners.

This is a ‘typical’ process. There are tweaks and nuances to it that require a longer explanation like what is offered in “20 Ways To Make $100 a Day Part-Time On The Internet“.

But the more important discussion is about WHY you want to make $100 a day.

Your passion and purpose may be unique, but it should be powerful. That’s why, to prove this point, I’ve started a special 24-hour fundraising event to help build a library for children in a developing nation, to be constructed by the “Room to Read“, a non-profit that is working in partnership with to implement a series of literacy programs in the U.S. and outside.

You too can join in this special event, and stretch your imagination and skills to try and raise $100 in the next 24 hours – so you and 99 others can help us reach the ambitious target of $10,000 which is needed to build a library.

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