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Are You Grateful That …?

Are You Grateful?

I mean really, deeply grateful for everything you are, have, and can be?

Good for you if you answered “Yes”.

I wake up every morning with a small prayer of gratitude – because I’m alive.

This isn’t an accident or whim. In my professional life as a pediatric heart surgeon, I treat children – and unfortunately, some of them will not live many years. It is natural for me to feel grateful about being alive, because already I’ve lived for much longer than they will.

Each time I see my little girl’s smiling face, I feel a deep sense of gratitude – that I have a daughter, a healthy, happy young lady.

It’s the same when I think about being married to a lovely young woman for 10 years, knowing 3 of my grandparents well (CC Chapman reminded me of how precious this was), having my parents with me until I was forty, working at something I have loved with a passion since childhood (heart surgery) and running a non-profit that gives to less privileged families than my own.

But these are the BIG things.

It’s easier to feel grateful about them. What’s often forgotten – and I try my best not to forget – are the small things.

Like having 2 hands and 10 fingers – a reminder like the ‘Left Thumb Blogger’ helps, she’s an awesome inspiration to anyone making excuses for not doing anything!


Like having a pet to love and spend time with – a feeling thatloss made me acutely aware of recently.


Like being able to take a walk in the woods, or spend 2 hours reading an online column, or take off on a holiday putting everything else on hold – because my online business runs practically on auto-pilot.

There are many, many more ‘little’ things I will be eternally grateful for – because they make my life so much more fun, full and fruitful.

Surprisingly, when I shifted mindset from being critical and complaining about most things, and became more appreciative, thankful and respectful of all I’ve got, life itself became a lot more interesting and fulfilling.

How about you? Are you grateful about the things you have? Or resentful you don’t have more? Or both? By the way, read our blog to get more interesting and useful information.

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